How to unlock iPhone 6 if you forget password with Dr.Fone

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If you lose your iPhone 6 password or someone in the house types several times with the incorrect username and password, resetting your iPhone is the only best bet.

In this article, we will look at unlocking iPhone 6/6s with no password with Dr.Fone

Things you need:

  • A lightning cable
  • Dr. Fone (Download it from the link below)

Step 1: Install Dr.Fone

Tap on the downloaded file to install it on your personal computer after you have downloaded it. To complete the installation, follow the onscreen installation wizard instructions.

Start the app now, and press the “Unlock” button on the home screen

Step 2: Connect your iPhone 6

Use Apple’s USB lightning cable.

Connect your iPhone 6 to your device with the USB cord, and make sure it’s well connected.

Now press on the “Start” button that shows on the screen.

Step 3: iPhone 6 boot into DFU mode

For Dr.Fone to gain access to its memory, Software, and firmware, the iPhone 6 must be in recovery mode or DFU. It will encourage Dr.Fone to make adjustments to your iPhone.

After clicking on the “Other Tools” link, obey the onscreen directions on the device to boot iPhone 6 into DFU mode.

Click the Power button and the Home button at the same time on your iPhone 6. Keep pressing down these two buttons until it lights up your screen.

Now let go of the Power button while still holding onto your device’s Home button, and your iPhone 6 would be in DFU mode in a few seconds.

Step 4: Verify details of your iPhone

When your iPhone is in its DFU mode, Dr.Fone’s screen will show some of your device’s details, such as the brand name, system model number, firmware, and OS details.

Step 5: Download the firmware package.

Link your computer to a fast and secure Internet connection, ideally via Wi-Fi.

Now click the on-screen “Download” button to launch the installation process.

By clicking on the “Pick” button, you can also attach an already updated firmware, and then navigate to its position on your device disk.

Step 6: Start iPhone 6 unlocking

When the update is complete, click on the “Unlock Now” button displayed on the app page.

You will be prompted to enter a confirmation code to proceed, simply type “000000” as the confirmation code and then press the “Unlock” button

The software will start an unlock process on your device.

Once the unlock process is complete, your device would restart, unlocking its screen. On the screen, you’ll see a complete message to unlock. Only press the “Completed” button to end, or select the “Try Again” button if the unlock failed.

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