fish curry

Fish Curry Recipe | How to Prepare Fish Curry

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Prep time

25 Min

Cook time

1 Hour

Difficulty Level





With all the due respect on the dead fish, now let’s start preparing the Fish Curry

Step 1: Clean the Fish Pieces thoroughly in water with Salt and then marinate it with ingredients from the marination and keep aside.

fish curry

Step 2: Cut the onions, tomatoes and slit the green Chillies.


Step 3: Take a big pan as shown ( while preparing fish curry it is always good to use big and broad pan than the regular ones as the fish pieces may broke while serving) , add some oil and let it heat , after that add mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds  and curry leaves



Step 4: Add onions and let them cook untill they turn translucent



Step 5: Now add the green chili slits and fry for some time



Step 6: Add the tomatoes, salt as per taste cover the lid till the tomatoes cook



Step 7: After the tomatoes are cooked add chili and turmeric powder when the oil starts to separate [do not let the spices burn]after that add the marinated fish pieces and close the lid and cook for 5 min


Step 8: when the fish is cooked for 5 min then add the tamarind juice of thick consistency let them cook for 2 min and add water. Do not use ladle more to turn the fish as there is a chance of fish pieces that may break and bones get into the gravy.


Step 9: This step is purely optional if you want your curry to be little more sour add the raw mango and let the mango cook


Step 10: take the mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds (optional) and dry roast them till they pop, first grind the seeds and then grind the Garlic cloves together with the powdered spices. 

Now add this masala into the curry, do not use the ladle to mix the powder into the fish, and hence we carefully catch the pan and then just give a gentle shake to mix the ingredients nicely.

Cover with lid and let them cook for 5 more minutes and the fish curry is ready.

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Fish Fry Recipe | How to Prepare Fish Fry

Step 1: To prepare fish fry, wash the fish thoroughly with salt water and then add salt, ginger garlic paste and turmeric coat the fish well and allow it to marinate it for 30 minutes (More the time for marination more the flavors infuse into the fish)

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Vaishnavi Shanbhag
Vaishnavi Shanbhag
1 month ago

A must try recipe ☺️
Amazing mix of sour and spicy taste 😋 and smells tempting 🤤